Day 9 - New Orleans, Louisiana - Welcome to the Wrestling zone #wrestlemania #travel #wrestling #wwe #fanaxxess #travel #solo

Day 9 – WrestleMania Weekend

Day 9:

Today is Friday and my WrestleMania weekend has started! As I have not done any exciting things of exploring New Orleans, I will send you over to Wander and Wrestleland. If you are interested in Wrestling as well, just click here and you can jump over to further Wrestling impressions of the WWE Fan Axxess. Maybe I can turn you in a Wrestling fan, too?

In the unlikely case that you are not a Wrestling fan, for today I just can send back to the previous days. You can catch up with my New Orleans experiences or scroll through my day in Dublin and New York. Make yourself familiar with my way of traveling and see if this is something for you.

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Day 9 - Welcome to the Wrestling zone #wrestlemania #travel #wrestling #wwe #fanaxxess #travel #solo

If not, tell me how you like to travel. Maybe we could start a little discussion. Solo travel versus traveling with company. Or do you prefer the convenient way of traveling or are you an adventurer? 

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I would love to hear more from you! Especially, cause I told you so much about me the past couple of days!

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