Mounting the dining table- Do it yourself

The Craziness Of Mounting A Dining Table

A way off topic but damn, writing about this is better to get some blisters from screwing that screws into not available holes… “Do it yourself” is today’s motto!

In the beginning of this year, I told you about that I will move to a new apartment. Well, here I am, I did move already. Now, I am sitting here and writing my first words in my new location. It´s a kind of exciting but scary at the same time. It feels like a totally new chapter in my life. It is the first time that I have more space than two tiny rooms and all new furniture. Today my new bed arrived and is ready for letting someone to sleep in it. The first night, that I do not need to sleep on the couch but in my brand new bed.

Which is also arrived is my brand new and lovely dining table. It is lovable, love at the first sight. I saw it and he spoke to me: “take me, take me” and I took it. And now, I wouldn´t say that I am desperate but mounting it is hell. I am not a genius when it comes to putting things together but I am not that bad.

Actually, the first steps were ok but now it´s over, I gave up, for now. Reading this construction guide is complicated and now I found out that there are about twenty screws which holes are note drilled in a proper way or not drilled at all. And doing this without a portable electric screwdriver and with my hands only is even harder. There are blisters on my palms of my hands and I cannot hold this thing a second longer. But hey! No one said that setting up a whole new apartment is easy. I am sure that I make by Sunday, for sure. Only twenty screws to go… Stay motivated!!

What are your challenges today? Tell me about your “insuperable” heights!

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